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ADE9430 features and measurements

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADE9430

Hi, we have been planning to develop a power metering product. I would like to make sure ADE9430 has all the features we need. Can you confirm please?

1) We need to measure THD, RMS and frequency for 3-phase setup (voltage, current and neutral).

2) There are cases where Neutral+Ground are available. There are cases that only Ground is available (no Neutral). Are both scenarios allowed?

3) We need to have alarms for voltage sag, swell, no signal and frequency variation. Are there threshold/alarm for all items?

4) For every alarm, we need the waveform so we can display the events properly. Does it support recording all events?

5) We are considering using either xtensa or riscv MCU interfacing with ADE9450. Are there any issues using ADE9430 libraries?