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ADE9430 PQ library ; adding the object code to MSDK IDE

Category: Software
Product Number: ADE9430 PQ library version 1.2.0
Software Version: Maxim Micros SDK ADE9430 PQ library version 1.2.0

Hello ,

I tried many ways to add the object code of the ADE9430 PQ Library to  Maxim Micros Eclipse  IDE but  still I not able to do this right apparently .

I get the following error message in the IDE :   C:\Users\rschoop\eclipse-workspace\test1/main.c:51: undefined reference to `adi_pqlib_Open' 

I guess the header files are added correctly but it cannot find the object code of the  evaluation library .

I am trying this way :

I was also looking in this tab to add the object code in  MSDK but still unsuccessful :

Can someone give me some hint how to the object code to the project  so  I can compile the project without errors ?

Kind regards,


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  • Hello ,

    I figured it out myself.   I had to add the following lines to the  make file :

    PROJ_LIBS += adi_pqlib_cm4_gcc


    PROJ_CFLAGS += -u _printf_float
    PROJ_LDFLAGS += -specs=nosys.specs

    And just make sure  to add all the header files and the lib file in  the root folder of the project .

    I was looking everywhere to contact the  Maxim processor support team.   I can only see  ADI  processor support team  here :

    Can you help with a link or email address to contact the Maxim processor team ?