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Measuring DC Voltages and Currents

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADE9153A


I am trying to find a solution for measuring our production of POE modules. All measurements are DC. If output ripple peak to peak can be measured, that will be fabulous.

The input will be typically 42-57vDC and currents will be 250mA to 2A.

Outputs are 3.3V till 24V and from 0.5A to 10A.

I am considering the 9153A with its built-in calibration and we can use one each on the input and the output sides. The interface to Arduino is helpful as we can capture the readings and transfer on to an Excel file.

My doubts and queries

1. Is this a good way to go?

2. How to adapt the EV-ADE9153ASHIELDZ EV board to test for our DC measurements

3. Can I measure the output ripple. Our board operates at 350kHz.

4. Given the wide disparity in currents and voltages on the outputs, will it make sense to create multiple boards with different shunts and dividers for the various models?

Thanks in advance.

  • The ade9153 is not a good solution. The output ripple is much to high a freq to measure the bandwidth of the ADE9153 is around 3Khz. 

    Disabling the high pass filter will allow dc measurement but any measurement that are lincycle based will not work. 

    An adc with low dc offset and drift  I think would be best. and to measure ripple of a 350Khz signal a fast one as well.