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Im having a problem setting up my ADE9000 evaluation software.

Category: Software
Product Number: ADE9000 ShieldZ
Software Version: 14.0.1 32-bit

I' ve followed the instructions and installed the drivers on my laptop. Instead of using a Arduino Zero board I'm using an Arduino Uno board which of course is compatible with Zero.

I'm trying to run this on my windows 11 64-bit system and I did receive a prompt asking me to contact administrator and request for a 64-bit version of the software while installing the drivers as per below:

Below is where I'm stuck when setting up the evaluation software to run with my ADE9000 ShieldZ evaluation board, i've reinstalled and restarted and updated required drivers multiple times but to no avail:

Here's the evaluation board connected to the arduino uno board and attached to the usb to my laptop:

Looking forward to hearing advice on what I could do to get the board detected and running the evaluation software properly so I could conduct a 3p4w test soonest. Your kind cooperation is highly appreciated in advance!

Added more info and corrected the subject title.
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