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ADE7953 single phase connection for Dual live wire

Product Number: ADE7953/ADE7854


      In Taiwan for single phase. we can connect L,N with ADE7953/ADE7854 as below. But in America, there are two phase (L1, L2, N) on single phase application. How to connect L1/L2/N  to input VP/VN of ADE7953 for voltage and current measurement? Thank you.  



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  •    Per my understanding, if figure 1 and figure 2 maybe have Live to earth while Line and neutral swapped. The GND of ADE7953 is connected to neutral but nor connect to earth, right? Or have any standard connection compatible CNS & UL to suggest?  Isolation may be required to meet UL and CNS safety requirements 

    Other questions: 

    1. The current of neutral must be measured by CT? Or just only measure L phase current is enough. If this is single phase  not split  with line and neutral only one CT is needed 

    2. If we not measure the current of  neutral . Could IBP、IBN be used for leakage current measurement? You could try, phase b current will give you RMS of anything you put into the inputs. Size the ct and burden appropreately. How fast do you need to respond to the leakage that may be the issue. 

    3. If we would like IBP、IBN for  leakage current measurement,  have any sample code or scenario to implement this function? Thank you. This is just an RMS measurement  or you may need to use waveform samples. I do not have code for this