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ltc2945-1 SDAO* signal needs to be isolated?

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ltc2945-1
Software Version: NA

Due to availability of the ltc2945, the ltc2945-1 was used in a non-isolated configuration. My thoughts were that with the inverted SDA signal of the ltc2945-1 would just need to invert the data being read. 

The circuit is the "typical application" from the data sheet.

My current symptoms are as the SCL line is not released, and as such kills the I2C bus. I have isolated the issue down to this part as the I2C works fine until I connect SCL and the SDA lines to the ltc2945-1.

Is the SCL held high because the START condition is not recognized because of the inverted SDA? If this were true, why would it kill the SCL line as well?

I'm Searching for some basis to proceed. Thanks - Ant


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