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MAX17263 - Differences in schematics between product data sheet and eval board (Pins CSN, GND, EP)

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: MAX17263

MAX17263 is used as a battery monitor in a 2-cell-system where both cells are connected in series (2S). We are using a 1mOhm resistor for Rsense for low-side sensing.

I found a difference between the schematics of the eval board and the suggested connection of Rsense in the product datasheet.

The functional datasheet says that SYSGND has to be connected to Pin CSN of MAX17263 an Rsense. PACK- has to be connected to the other side of Rsense and to the Pins CSPL, GND and EP of MAX17263.

In the schematics of the Eval board SYSGND is connected to Pins CSN, GND, EP and Rsense. PACK- is only connected to Pin CSPL and the other side of Rsense. Jumper J3 is in Position 1-2, Jumper J4 in Position 1-2, R4 and R6 are DNP and R5 as said 0.001 ohms.

It seems that GND and EP are swapped. For this szenario 2S, what connection for low-side measuring is the correct one for MAX17263?


A. Kulik - GSA Messgeraetebau - Germany