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ADE7858A PM0 Internal pull-up

Product Number: ADE7858A


ADE7858A datasheet Rev.D P.26 says below.

”The PM0 and PM1 pins have internal pull-up resistors,”

If you have a data of the pull-up resistor value, could you teach me about it ?

I need its value because of system design requirement ( some discreate parts may be added to this digital line ).

If you do not have  its data, please let me know it.



  • I would not depend on the internal pullups alone. During an EMC event the psm pins might change and this could effectively reset the part. 

    As for the exact value I do not know. 

    in psm3   PSM0=PSM1=1  the supply current is typ 1..7uA

    3.3v/1.7uA = 1.94Meg

    So the total load including the PSM0 and PSM1 pins is 1.94Meg. The internal pulls up are very weak.