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ADE-7880 Voltage Divider Circuit

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADE7880


As you suggest earlier for 440V RMS  for the voltage divider circuit resistors of 2M ohm. Please let us know the Voltage divider circuit for the 600V RMS what will be the resistors that we need to choose.

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  • At 440V RMS with a 2MOhm : 1KOhm voltage divider brings the voltage at the adc input to 0.22Vrms which is within range. For 600V RMS a 2MOhm : 1kOhm voltage divider results in 0.3 V RMS at the ADC input which is still in range. In order to have the output be at the same level as 440V RMS you would change your voltage divider to  2.7MOhm : 1kOhm.

    When picking the voltage divider resistor values you want to ensure that the voltage after the divider will not exceed +- 500mV at the ADC input.  With a a 2MOhm :1 KOhm divider you meet this requirement for both 440VRMS and 600V RMS.

  • Hi,
    Thanks for your support.
    We Calibrated the Current, Voltage with Clamp meter and also we checked the  Frequency & Power factor which are correct.
    Our doubt is do we need calibrate the other parameters like 
    Active Power of Fundamental, Reactive power of Fundamental, ITHD & VTHD harmonics, Reactive power of Harmonics, RMS of Harmonic's, Power factor of Harmonics with the Fluke Power Quality Analyzer's like 434-II &  435-II & 438-II meters.
    Or will that be corrected from the chip itself when we calibrate only the Voltage,Current, Power factor & frequency parameters.
    Please confirm us.
    Thanks & Regards