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Energy metering

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADE7816


I have to measure energy individually from 6 channel single phase outputs and the output can also be DC. Depends on the user, they can select either six DC outputs or six AC outputs. I have SPI and I2C interfaces available. I want to measure the energy through current sense resistors. I tried ADE7953. But the problem is that ADE7953 is 2-channel and each chip shares same I2C address. I also think of using I2C hub to individually communicate with 3 ADE7953 IC. But I want to know that is there any other effective solution. I also checked on ADE7816. Is it possible to use sense resistor to measure power with ADE 7816. In datasheet, only current transformer and Rogowski coil options are mentioned.

  • First off in terms of DC measurement, the high-pass filter inside the part has to be disabled. Although even with the HPF disabled, the performance for DC measurement over temperature will roughly be as shown in this Application Note: AN-1304 (Rev. 0) (

    For the I2C communication, you could use a hub or use SPI with individual chip select lines to communicate with multiple IC's.

    Lastly for using shunts with the ADE7816, it is possible, channels IA, IB and IC will function with no issues because they area differential inputs. The trouble is with ID, IE and IF, these channels are single-ended and therefore there can be errors in the shunt measurement if the IN connection is not place with equal impendence to all 3 shunts. Meaning that the quality of the layout for the ID, IE and IF channels will impact the performance.