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ADE9000 HPF frequency with rogowski coil

Product Number: ADE9000

In the datasheet of the ADE9000 it says:

For some applications, it is desirable to increase the high-pass
filter corner, such as to improve performance when a Rogowski
coil current sensor is used.

Can someone explain why this is needed and how to choose the best corner frequency.

Trial and error seems a bit odd to me.

Link to the Datasheet: ADE9000 Datasheet HPF section

  • A rogowski coil has a high bandwidth as well as it's a very linear sensor when compared to something line a current transformer. This means that the 1/f noise could cause errors in the measurement. The reason that this is not a set recommended corner is because there is always a tradeoff. In this case the tradeoff is one of noise versus gain variation over frequency. For noise purposes you would want the corner to be higher but to minimize the gain variation of the 40-70 Hz range, you would want the corner to be lower.

    That is why this is listed as a choice based on your specific design requirements. For this reason, you would need to choose the corner frequency that works best for your particular requirements. I would recommend staying with the default corner and seeing if all you accuracy requirements, only modifying the corner if there is an issue.