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ADE9153 SPI Communication

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADE9153


We are trying to start with the ADE9153A chip. At the moment, we don't have SPI communication, we don't get any answer from the ADE.

Checking things, VDD pins voltage is ok.

After we reset (hardware) the ADE, IRQ output goes to "0" during about 1.5ms and then goes to "1". Does it mean that the ADE starts ok?

Otherwise, how can we chech that ADE is starting ok?

Thanks and regards

  • Hello,

    Are you scoping the SPI communication lines ( MISO,MOSI, CS, SCLK)? Does it it all look correct aside from not having a MISO response?

    The IRQ pin would remain low until the interrupt is acknowledged as described in the datasheet, is that something you are doing?

    You could also measure the voltage on the DVDDOUT, VDDOUT2P5, and AVDDOUT and ensure that they match what is stated in the datasheet.

    Could you share any additional information on your setup?

    -David M

  • Thank you very much for your reply.

    Voltages on pins you mention are OK. 

    Finaly we have found the problem. It is on the starting. On the documentation it's said that, on startup or after reset, CS pin must be LOW and SPI clock HIGH. When we started doing that, we could communicate with the ADE.

    Other importat thing is that it is neccesary to start the measurement and wait 100ms to read the right value from some registers (like device ID).

    Now we are seeing on the documentation how to setup the device, measure electrical parameters and calibrate.

    Thanks and regards