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ADE9000 Setup questions

Category: Software
Product Number: ADE9000 and ADE9078
Software Version: NA

We are trying to setup a custom board with the ADE9078. We also used the ADE9000 shield for our initial development. From this we have some questions, as well as running into some issues:

  • Can the ADE9000 be used on 120V (normal wall power)? Is it just a matter if running through the calculations in the datasheet, but adjusting for our resistor array and changing 240V to 120? ADE9078 (Rev. 0) ( Quick start section, page 56
  • If so, what would have to be done to make it work/read correctly for the 120V wall power
  • After reviewing the example Arduino code for the calibration, is there any additional documentation or write up on how and when to properly use that?
  • Is 2 wire single phase supported?
  • For the ADE9000 shield, we seem to be able to calibrate it and write to the registers. However, with our ADE9078, we seem to not be able to write to any of the registers at all. We tried the provided calibration sketch, we tried writing to the registers directly, and checked to see if the lock register was set, but nothing worked. Even the RUN register comes up as 0 after booting. Please keep in mind that we were using the exact same code for both the ADE9000 and the ADE9078, but getting different results.
  • in the test sketch for Arduino, there is a resetADE9000 function that resets the ADE. Is this needed every time on boot? Is there a case where this HAS to be run at some point? If we don't run the reset routine ever, will that cause issues?

Those are the major questions that I have right now. Thank you.