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DE9000 VRMS½ and 10/12 are fundamental or total?

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ade9000

Hello ADI support,

I'm working with ADE9000 and willing to get  ½ RMS and 10/12 readings from it. In the reference manual page 80 register ACCMODE(0X492) bit SELFREQ(bit 8) description is stating "Use this bit to configure the IC for a 50 Hz or 60 Hz system. This setting is used in the fundamental power measurements and to set the default line period used for VRMS½, 10 cycle rms/ 12 cycle rms and resampling calculations if a zero-crossing is not present.".

So my question is are these readings(VRMS½, 10 / 12 cycle rms) fundamental or total?