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Question about ade7878 phase calibration

Category: Software
Product Number: ade7878
Software Version: ?


I'm developing a 3 phase 4 wire instrumentation with the ade7878.

I have a question about phase calibration during development.

The question is, I know that when the COMPMODE ANGLESEL[1:0] bit is set to 01, the phase between voltages is stored in the angle0~2 register.

1. If I arbitrarily input the values of APHCAL, BPHCAL, and CPHCAL in this state, what value will change?

   Does the phase between voltages change or does the phase between voltages and currents change?

2. If the phase value between voltages is changed, is there a way to calibrate the phase for voltage and current when COMPMODE ANGLESEL[1:0] bit is set to 01?

please answer about my question.