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LTC6810-1 Vref2 jumping

Category: Hardware
Product Number: LTC6810-1

Hi Sir/Mdm,

We are using LTC6810-1 for our products. we have finished the development and verification. However, recently (July 2022), we bought a batch of LTC6810 from Mouser - Electronic Components, we found that the Vref2 is not able to be stablized to 3.0V, it jumped from 0~0.8V when we use a multimeter to measure the voltage of the Vref2 pin. We do be able to measure it using multimeter using different batches of LTC6810-1 before (with same hardware and firmware). May I check, is it possible to stablize the Vref2 of LTC6810 by adjusting some parameters? pls advise. it will really delay our product delivery, thanks in advanced.