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how to read actice power and apparent power value on ADE7763

Category: Datasheet/Specs
Product Number: ADE7763

hi guys.

im working on ADE7763 using Arduino Uno

i give ade7763 inputs (v1p-v1n, v2p-v2n) by using Analog Discovery 2.

and Vrms, Irms register give the the values as i respect when i change inputs waveform.

for example : 

both V1p-V1n, V2p-V2n input = 100mv --> Vrms =329827        Irms =387625

both V1p-V1n, V2p-V2n input = 300mv --> Vrms =989431        Irms =1163034

both V1p-V1n, V2p-V2n input = 500mv --> Vrms =1649628      Irms =1938418

But with LAENERGY and LVAENERGY is not that easy.  no matter what the input is, the output is always the same.

ActivePower is around  16775234 and ApparentPower is around 3326.

as i know in datasheet, maximum ActivePower value is 838861, and 708693 with ApparentPower.

can u guys tells me what i have to do to get accurate ActivePower and ApparentPower value.

tks u guys so much.

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  • Based on the numbers you have 

    838861/(175657/1000) = 4775.56 lincycles 

    the power factor of the values shown is 175657/202059 = 0.869

    but for your target 838861/708693 = 1.1836   ??? above one.

    if you invert the values 708693/838861  = 0.84482 

    for active to get to 708693/(175657/1000) = 4,034.52 cycles


  • i mean on datasheet was wrote that ActivePower max value is 838861(0xCCCCD), and 708693(0xAD055) with Apparent Power.
    i want to ask to get those values how many LINECYC have been set?

  • " ActivePower max value is 838861(0xCCCCD), and 708693(0xAD055) with Apparent Power." 

    These are powers not energies these values represent the average power with full-scale inputs.

    This number is accumulated each sample into the energy accumulation register.  So you can't get this number using line cycle accumulation. 

    Active power can be read using the waveform register configured using the MODE register. Reactive and VA powers are not available to the user only the accumulated energy values