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ADE7880 - 3 phase 3 wire Delta connection

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADE7880


We designed a prototype board as per the ADE7880 Evaluation board & Successfully tested the 3-phase 4-wire Star connections. where we connected the 440V Phase lines to the board as individual R, Y, B Phases with Neutral as a common. which goes of 220V to the board. it got worked.

Now we want to test the 3-phase 3-wire Delta connection where the b phase as a reference.

My doubt is here the the supply is 440V. could we give directly A & C-phase lines directly to the board and B-Phase to the neutral port on the board. 

or do we need to step down to 440v to 220V and then give to the A & C phases. Please let us know.

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  • What is the voltage divider?  if it is 1Meg and 1K total resistance you will over-range the ADC at 440V RMS. Change the voltage divider resistance to 2M 1K   for 440V to be safe. 

    Your ground will be at some potential above earth or neutral are you isolated so nobody gets hurt or worse? We have seen laptops die an untimely death because of this. 


  • Dear Dave, 

    We used for VAP_IN, VBP_IN & VCP_IN of each 3 x 330K ohm resistors as a Voltage Divider circuit and for the Neutral line VN_IN used of only antialiasing filter 1K ohm resistor and capacitor 2.2nF . it got worked for STAR 440V Phase to Phase voltage & Phase to Neutral is 220V volts tested for 3-Phase 4-Wire START Connection.

    Could we change voltage divider resistance to 2M for 440V DELTA 3-Phase 3-Wire Connection ?

    What about the Neutral VN_IN resistance as B-Phase that we have to connect directly to this for DELTA Connection (3-Phase 3-Wire DELTA), could we keep it same antialiasing filter 1K ohm resistor and capacitor 2.2nF?

    Thanks & Regards


  • Dear Dave, 

    Thanks for your support. 

    Our Board has 3 multiples of 330ohm resistors (supports for 220V). could we give like this for the 600V Connection could we step down from 600V to 220V and then give that to board. Please let us know.

    Thanks & Regards