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ADE9153A CF1/CF2 Programming LED for Pulse

Category: Hardware


ADE9153A - How can I program a pulse output that generates exact 1600 pulses at 1KWh active power ? 
Can the number of pulses be calculated ?
  • Hi, you need to go through a calibration procedure in order to set the impulses/kWh of the CF output.

    First off you can use either the CF1 or CF2 pins to generate this pulse.

    Then you have the calculate the CFxDEN value that gets you the impulses/kWh you are looking for with the following equations:

    xTHR should be left at the default of 0x00100000


    • TARGET_WCC = 4190.951 uW/code
    • Meter Constant = 1600 impulses/kWh

    Then CFxDEN = 0xFFF

    TARGET_WCC can be calculated using equation 4 on page 6 of AN-1571 (Rev. 0) (