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ADE9000 xWATTHR register not reset

Category: Hardware
Product Number: ADE9000

Hello everyone.

We are building an energy meter with the ADE9000 and came across an issue with the xWATTHR register.

The ADE is set up to reset the register after every read, but every other hour we see a value twice the expected one.

This lets us think, that the register was not reset after the last read.

We are already reading the register twice to force a reset and decrease the probability of a skipped reset.

Is this an know issue?

Is there another way to ensure the register reset?

Thanks in advance!

  • I'm seeing the same. Applying a constant test signal, will return a value that is twice the expected value. This happens completely randomly but with what looks like a ~1:50000 chance. It totally feels like a race condition or read-modify-write bug in the ADE9000 firmware. Would be great if one of the devs could have a look at the code.

  • I would suggest you use line cycle or sample based accumulation and read on irq or using the status register. 

    What is the benefit of read with reset in your application as apposed to reading at a fixed period  based on line cycle or sample based? 


  • In my case the reading of the registers is synchronized to the wall clock down to a resolution of 100ms. It would maybe be possible to find a solution that does not need reading the WATTHR register with reset, but it would complicate our firmware and make it less accurate (in relation to the measurement timestamps). What I would probably do, if this is indeed a confirmed bug in the ADE9000.

    If it's a bug, it should be documented at least, if not fixed in the ROM mask.

  • What may be helpful to you is sync your read to dready 

    wait for time clock period then 

    wait for dready using  irq or status

    read registers

    see if this helps.

    As far as debugging this how often are you reading the registers? You mention 100 ms above is that the fastest you read. 


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