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ADE9000 firmware version identification and upgrade

Category: Software
Product Number: ADE9000

Is it possible to identify the ADE9000 firmware version  installed at the device?

How can I verify and get new firmware versions for the ADE9000 ?

How do I have to proceed to make this firmware upgrade?

My necessity is to verify that the problem that I am experiencing with the undesirable reset of the ADE9000 when I set the RUN register to 1, what is disabling the device to start the  processes the metterings

Thanks in advance.

  • The firmware version register with tell you the silicon version. There is no firmware update for the ADE9000

    What are psm pins levels? Verify you are in psm0 on the psm1 and psm0 pins. These should not be floating and I suggest PSM0=PSM1=0. If you switch to an ADE9078 there is an extra psm mode.

    How do you know the ADE9000 is resetting? 

    Can you show me your code from power up to after register setup?