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ADE7953 evaluation board how to start

Category: Software
Product Number: ADE7953


we've purchased ADE7953 evaluation board , and we are now attempting to create a POC based on this device for our firmware, we have the following questions:

  • is the firmware for the interface board freely available ? if so we would like to have a copy of it.
  • we would like to measure current/voltage/active-power for a load which is gonna be powered by 230 AC 50HZ Power source, for now we are just POCing, so we want to feel very comfortable doing all measurements using the evaluation board and the evaluation software before we write a driver for it in our internal FW stack via I2C,  we will be very happy if you could provide us the key notes how to connect the load with this power source ( our load eventually going to be a street-light ), and how to basically begin in a straight-forward way toward our target as we are reading the docs and datasheet and getting familiar with ADE7953.

Best regards,Yarin.

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  • is it okay to connect 230V 50hz to VP_IN VN_IN, the following diagram was taken from , eval board schematics section

    we want to measure voltage, we are not so sure this circuit plays as voltage divider and it's safe to connect 230V,50Hz to this port

  • this matches what I have shown above.

  • Make sure you supply is isolated when you connect the 3v3 to the ADE7953

  • I am looking at the Registers page table, beginning at page 60 of ADE7953 PDF (Rev C),

    suppose I wish to read the Instantaneous voltage (voltage channel) located at 0x318, and suppose I read the value 0x00DEBEEF, how can I translate this to actual voltage unit ?  in other words is how these values are coded ? it's noted just above they are either signed or unsigned 2 complement, but is this number in mV ? or just V ? , and in general I would like to know the same for current measurements and for any other measuring related registers, if you could refer me to somewhere in the PDF where its noted how these measurements are encoded that will be great : )

  • first step is to adj Vgain and Igain so the IRMS and VRMS registers are the expected value given your inputs. 

    After this "calibration"  this is only as good as you can measure your input current and voltage used for calibration.

    You can calculate the I/lsb and v/lsb of the sample registers

    see attached xls and enter your test voltage, currents, pga gain  and sensor information


  • connected 230V 50hz line, I am reading these same values for all registers, why ?

    I read the same values even when I disconnect the 230V line.

  • I am reading these values even when only the interface board is connected to the PC but the actual board containing the ADE7953 is not connected

  • You are having some type of communication failure where every response from either the adapter or the ADE7953 is giving you the exact same bits.

    A few items to check:

    1. Make sure that all the communication jumpers on the ADE7953 board are setup as they need to be from the user guide.
    2. When you first run the ADE7953 software, make sure it is not showing any errors, double check the communication mode, COM port and Speed.
    3. Try slowing down the SPI speed to see if that helps
    4. Make sure all boards are connect tightly
    5. With no high voltage applied to the board, verify that the IRQb (pin 22) is low. This means that the ADE7953 is powered up and ready to function.

    I would do all this testing without the 230V applied since this is clearly a communication issue and not a measurement issue.

  • Hi here is my analysis:

    first of all we wish to talk with the ADE7953 with I2C protocol, and this was the way it was configured ( with jumpers )

    tried to lower the speed and that did not  help ( I am getting a notification "Comm Port Found" when I start up the ADE7953 eval software on windows 11 )

    I have here Saleae which I use and it works, measured VDD on board it's high  (meaning the board does get voltage )

    measured CLKIN ( no pulse always low )

    also checked IRQN as you asked to do, it's always low, prior to giving voltage to the board and after( I did not see a transition between high to low )

    seems like it's dead ?

    here is a picture of it with configured jumpers

  • nvm, I found the issue , I though the ADE7953 board draws power from the interface board,

    apparently requires external power source for it