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AD7953 conversion of voltage and current in IC and what factors should we apply to measure it correctly

Category: Hardware
Product Number: AD7953

Input applied to current channel A and voltage channel A of ADE7953 with gain set to 1 are 244.4mV AC respectively. Voltage conversion is from divider 900kR/1kR. Both channels are shorted to provide common input to Voltage and Current channel A. 

We are getting Irms and Vrms register values as 6367580 and 6247006 respectively.

After converting these rms register values to voltage ( for 24-bit ADC resolution of ADE7953 and interval vref of 1.2V ) we are getting 0.227722406V for current channel A and 0.223410344V for voltage channel A. what are the step or measures that can be taken with the development of watt meter in this scenario so that we can get the correct output of both the channels with mentioned input.

I rms count 6367580
V rms count2 6247006
I input 244
V input 244