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ADE7763 commucation - write register issue


I have problem with writing to ADE7763 registers. After write any value to register is readed register default value. Tested with MODE (writed 0x0005, readed 0x00C0) and IRQEN (writed 0x0010, readed 0x0040).

Clock of ADE7763 is 3.3MHz from microcontroler port. SPI is used in Mode 1 with SCL frequency 5MHz and MSB first. RESET pin ADE7763 is High.

Write timing (see fig. 3 and Table 2 in datasheet):
t1 = 620ns
t2 = 120ns
t3 = 100ns
t4 = 100ns
t5 = 100ns
t6 = 9 160ns
t7 = 7720ns
t8 = 4 480ns

For write to MODE are send 0x89, 0x00, 0x05.

Read tested from several registers and work fine. Why write don't work?

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