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ADE9000 - Streaming Waveform Buffer in Fixed Rate Mode


I am trying to stream back 1024 samples from the ade9000 using the continuous mode. I can read the resampled data just fine, and also the fixed data fine as long as it is in "Stop when Buffer is Full Mode". I am using a raspberry pi 4 connected via spi. When I stream back continuous samples the data appears disjoint. I have tried just using the burst read to read 1024 samples worth (all channels). this is the out put.


I have also tried  setting WFB_PG_IRQEN to 0x8000 in order to indicate that the page 15 has been filled. I then set the CS pin low and poll STATUS0 until bit 17 is set. I reset STATUS0 bit 17 then finish by putting CS High. I start a burst read of the buffer for all of its points. Then loop back to polling the STATUS0 and repeat until I have 4 buffers worth. I get similar looking data. I am not sure what I am doing wrong here but I know this is possible with the tabview code. Could anyone explain how this is meant to be done with sudo code?