ADE9000 - Rogowski coil


i'm using the ADE9000 evaluetion board EVAL-ADE9000EBZ with Rogoswki coil Pulse PA3209NL. The board configuration is 3P3W, max current to measure is 300A. I've some questions about the connections:

1 - the coil have 3 wire:


it's correct to connect the GREEN wire (shield) to AGND ponit of board?

2 - the coil supply 463 uV/A, for my application at ful scale of 300A we have 139 mV. According to the to limit of input IAN and IAN, it's correct to set the gain of PGA to 4 ?

Thanks a lot.

  • Yes attach green shield wire to gnd. 

    For  the PGA gain it depends.... by using gain of 4 your fullscale is 176mvrms this means   176/139 * 300A = 380Amp fullscale. Is this large enough for any currents you will need to measure in your system? Some require 3x overhead for startup current. 2x gain would be 762amps max. 

    You also need to be careful as the Rogowski has gain over freq. This will cause higher amplitudes at higher harmonics. You need to scale (v/A) your input to accommodate this. 

    At 3.3K this is approximately 36db gain before the anti-alias. Using 20db /dec

    Understand the impacts of freq on your gain and the max current you are required to read and this will determine the pga gain to use. It may even require a different v/A Rogowski coil.