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ADE78xx datasheet describing WTHR[47:0]


I am trying to configure the ADE7854 with the following datasheet:

The datasheet states that the WTHR register contains a combination of wthr1 and wthr0.
However, the image describes these as "signed", but meanwhile only positive values are allowed.
Does this mean the 24th bit of WTHR0 should never be written?

ADE7854_7858_7868_7878.pdf, page 50

Because this signed bit changes the representation of the values.
For example, If I want to write 0x1000000 (16777216d) to WTHR, should this be done as
  wthr0 = 0x00, wthr1 = 0x01
  wthr = 0x1000000, wthr1 = 0x00

This is very unclear as the picture describes "signed number", while they could mean "positive number" since it doesn't make much sense in this context.

Hope you can answer my question(s).
Thanks in advance.