Unable to execute the USB_HOST test on BF-527 EZ-KIT LITE.

I am trying to run the Power_On_Self_Test example from Blackfin\Examples\ADSP-BF527EZ-KIT_lite\Power_on_Self_Test\Serial\ on my BF527-EZ-KIT LITE 1.4.

Among all the tests, I am particularly interested in the USB_HOST.

(Please note I have set all the jumpers and switches as advised in the example's Readme.txt file.)

I run the test, and after a few seconds, plug in a usb mass storage peripheral into the OTG port of the EZ-KIT. I have kept a breakpoint at the end of the following loop in the main:



while ( ! g_bOTGEnumComplete){

asm ("NOP;");


But, the breakpoint is never hit, i.e. enumeration of the device never completes.

Upon halting the code, I noticed that it is stuck at the following point in the "usb_hdrc" code (located in Blackfin\lib\src\drivers\usb\controller\otg\adi\hdrc\adi_usb_hdrc.c ):

function : TransmitEpZeroBuffer ()


*pUSB_CSR0 = 0xA;


while (! *pUSB_CSR0 & 0xA);  // <- execution is stuck in this loop

... //never reaching here


Any ideas folks, why is the enumeration not completing.

Please not the mass storage device is tested on a PC and found to be functioning okay.