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ADE7880 Register read problem


i have an issue regarding reg read of ade7880 - i have seen some questions in this community regarding CHECKSUM read , its helps me little bit but not fully 

following things i have done after power up .

1. I2C_LOCK 

2. Read CHECKSUM Register 0xE51F -returns 0x00

3. Read COMPMODE Register 0xE60E -returns 0x01FF

4. Read  CFMODE Register  0xE610  -return  0x0EA0

5. Read ACCMODE  Register 0xE701 -returns 0x80

6. Read AIGAIN Register 0x4380 - returns 0x0000

       Written 0xAAAA to AIGAIN and Read back - returns 0x0000

7. Read Version register 0xE707 - Return 0x01

what is problem behind CHECKSUM reg..  

2. Read CHECKSUM Register 0xE520 -returns 0x00
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  • Hi Thanks for reply,

    i found the problem Checksum address is 0xE51F (thats mistake i have done ), Then one thing need to note that we need to read the checksum register very first thing do after performing…