Issues obtaining the correct MS_ACAL_AICC for the given configuration of our system using the ADE9153A.

We’re currently trying to implement a power sensor using your ADE9153A chip, but we’re having issues getting the MS_ACAL_AICC calibration constant right after calibration.

We've taken a look into the Application notes, the Datasheet, and the Arduino code examples but no luck so far on getting our system properly calibrated for the current.

Below I attach the calibration sequence.

- //set channel A current gain
   address: AIPGAGain
   value:   0xA

- //set data path to default
   address: Config0
   value:   0 //enable burst and enable interrupt of Zero crossing pin

-  address: Config1
   value:   0x0300

- //High-pass filter corner, fc=0.625Hz
   address: Config2
   value:   0x0C00

- //peak current disabled
   address: Config3
   value:   0x0000

- //ZX low-pass filter select
   address: ZxCfg
   value:   0x0000

-  //Enable DREADY interrupt
   address: Mask,
   value:   0x00000100

-  address: ActNlLvl
   value:   0x000033C8

-  address: ReactNlLvl
   value:   0x000033C8

- address: AppNlLvl
   value:   0x000033C8

- address: CompMode
   value:   0x0005

- address: VDivRSmall
   value:   0x03E8

- address: EpCfg
   value:   0x0009

- address: EgyTime
   value:   0x0F9F

- //enable burst and enable interrupt of Zero crossing pin
   address: Zxthrsh
   value:   1

- address: Wthr
   value:   0x00100000

- address: Varthr
   value:   uint32(0x00100000),

- address: Vathr
   value:   0x00100000

- address: Cfmode
   value:   0x0000

- address: Cf1den
   value:   0xFFFF

- address: Cf2den
   value:   0xFFFF

- address: CtPhaseDelay
   value:   0

-  address: CtCorner
   value:   0

-  address: APhaseCal
   value:   0

We also configure the voltage level and AC mode, but that is a parameter of our system. It could be 230V and 50Hz or 60Hz, or 120V and 60Hz.

With that configuration in our 120V and 60Hz system we have the following values: MS_ACAL_AICC 32287.574 | Target_ICC: 838.190308

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