ADE9000 - ADE9078 energy measurement


We have been using ADE9000 for the prototype series of the device that measures voltages, power and energy on all three phases. On those devices it was possible to measure energy. When we have switched to devices with the ADE9078 measured energy is always 0.

We are reading xWATTHR_HI registers with reset every 10s. The accumulation of absolute values was selected as measured power in our case is negative (wrong orientation of the Hall sensor used for current measurement). The accumulation is sample based.

Settings of relevant registers are:

ADE9000_ACCMODE = 0x0001 (50Hz, accumulation of absolute values)

ADE9078_EP_CFG = 0xE021 (No load detection disabled, RD_RST_EN = 1, EGY_LD_ACCUM

 = 0, EGY_TMR_MODE  = 0, EGY_PWR_EN = 1)

ADE9078_EGY_TIME = 1 (but other values up 0xF9F to were tested)

On ADE9000 we are receiving meaningful results (twice as expected as the device samples x2 faster)

On ADE9078 we are reading 0s from both xWATTHR_HI and xWATTHR_LO registers.

Tests were done with 1.5kW load on phase A.

Changing ADE9078_EP_CFG to 0x0021 and setting ACT_NL_LVL to 0 haven’t helped.


The measured values are:

Voltage A = 17514043 (around 210 V)

Current A = 8488992 (around 7.2 A)

Power A = -1107130 (with the sign correction it is 1.5 W)



Are there any other setting that should be done for ADE9078 to enable energy measurement?