ADE9153A Rogowsky Coil interface

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I have not found the hardware configuration for interface ADE9153A with Rogowsky coil, can I use the ADE9000 reference implementation? 

Also the datasheet only talk about the "neutral current measurement", I wanna measureat least 600 A current on channel B with Rogowsky coil.

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    on May 27, 2021 6:59 PM


    A few things to note:

    • The ADE9153A mSure features do not work with a rogowski coil.
    • There is only an integrator available on current channel B as shown on Page 22 of the data sheet.

    In terms of setting up the channel with a rogowski coil you would implement the anti-aliasing filter as in the ADE9153A test circuit.

    Then you need to add the 2nd filter to counteract the rogowski coils gain over frequency.

    If you would like to get energy measurement with a rogowski coil in a single phase system then I would recommend using the ADE7953. In either case just be sure that you don't go over the full scale ADC input with your maximum current going through the rogowski coil

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