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ADE7880 single phase three wire (AB line connect to meter actually)


        Customer would like use ADE7880 for single-phase three wire (But Phase A & Phase B line connect to meter actually). The power environment is PhaseA and PhaseB (VAB=220V). But neutral wire will not input to meter (ADE7880). In other words, Only phase A and Phase B connect to ADE7880 (Fig. 1). Has any doc or reference schematics of ADE7880 for this connection? How to connect Phase A and Phase B to ADE7880?   

        Another question for Fig 2. the register of ADE7880 should have IA and IB ? But how to calculate VAB and IAB value or get these information by above meter setup? it is a little urgent and looking forward to receiving a reply. Thank you.  


Fig 2. 




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