ADE7953 connection questions


              Below is some questions of ADE7953.

 1. Customer refer to below schematics. but it look have some question due to MSP430 put on secondary side. Is it recommend to use below schematics design on AC charging station or have any difference with our ADE7953? Are popular for MSP430 design on marketing? 


2.  Below is GFCI CT Configuration provided by customer. The configuration could be measured Leakage inductance that connect to LN on one CT. Could ADE7953 need to use this connection for Leakage inductance measurement? Or L connected one CT and Neutral connected one CT is enough.  

3. Below are ADE7880 and ADE9000. user guide for CT calculation formula. But the formula are different for R1 and R2 calculation. Why ADE7880 dvide more by 2 than ADE9000? If customer use ADE7953A. Which formula is correct for calculation? Thank you. 



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