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ADE7880 vs. ADE7878 calibration


I had a project which uses 7878, and a calibration software was already there.

Now the metering chip is replaced with 7880, can the same calibration software be applied?

Or can any minimum change of that calibration software?


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  • Thank you, dlath

    I always get non-zero reactive power after my calibration, can you comment?

    1. using ADE7880

    2. Accurate source: Transmile 3050A(+Power Module)

    3. Calibration steps follow the application note 1076 (ADE7878 calibration)

    4. current is measured by CT

    The result voltage/current/active power/active energy seem good when PF=1. But the corresponding reactive power is obviously non-zero.

    e.g. nominal voltage=110V; nominal current=10A; PF=1 => my 7880 can report active power around 1100 watt, but it also reported re-active power around 50 var. The angle register told about 0.5 degree between voltage and current.

    And when I set the same environment to PF=0, similar problem happened to active power. It means re-active power is about 1100 var, but the active power is now 50 watt

    How it could come? Should be a problem of phase calibration?