ADE9153 Rshunt value

I am working using ADE9153A. If I use Rshunt of 1mOhm then everything looks fine but when I replace it with 0.5Ohm then after calibrating the value 10 times the actual. to change the Rshunt value?

I tried recalculating the AIHEADROOM value of 8,83884 but the result is still inaccurate.

Thank for help.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Nov 17, 2020 7:13 PM 14 days ago

    Did you mean 0.5 mOhm? 0.5 Ohms is very large for a current sense resistor, it means that the output signal of the shunt will be 500 times larger and that could certainly pose a lot of issues.

    If you did mean 0.5 mOhm, can you please explain in some more detail what the issue is? Have you made sure to modify your TARGET_AICC to compensate for the size difference in the shunt, this is important in the calibration process. If you run MS_ACAL_AICC, does the value you are getting back seem reasonable, I would expect it to be twice the value as with the 1 mOhm shunt.