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ADE1201/02 Input Voltage Limits


ADE1201/02 specifies "Application circuit monitors wide voltage range ±10 V dc to ±300 V dc 8 V rms to 240 V rms ac".

On the other hand - AN-2034 (Configuring the ADE1202 Registers for a Protective Relay Application) specifies " The binary input is designed for 10 V dc to 300 V dc or 8 V rms to 240 V rms ac operation."

What are these limits apply for? Am i capable of measuring an isolated analog signal below 10V? 

From the application Note it seems every voltage can be monitored with suitable voltage divider that lowers the maximum voltage below Maximum Input Voltage of 1.25V

Am i missing something?

Thanks in advance.

  • Hi:

    The part is designed to work with a voltage divider to make sure the device FS at the device pin (IN1/IN2) of 1.25V is adhered to.

    The input is divided down via a voltage divider and so that choice influences what your full scale input is. If FS input signal is 300V then the resolution (8 bit ADC) is ~ 1.17V on gain 1. Resolving inputs lower 10V is harder because of possible noise on the 300V line.

    If you pick a divider that puts your input FS at say 24V on gain 1, then you could potentially resolve 94mV.

    I hope this makes sense.