ADP5092 battery charging threshold

Hello everybody.

I rrecently bought an ADP5092-EVALZ. I changed the resistor bridges in accordance with the systèmes I want to prototype but the datas I get aren't what I've been expecting.

I choose TERM to be 4,25V. So I installed resistors with values RTERM1 = 6.49M  and RTERM2 = 3.6M. So I could get a RTerm1/RTerm2 ratio about 1.802.

But the results I get when I check the voltage value on my battery is the following:

Even with sunny conditions, the voltage never seem to be able to pass over 3,75 volts.

I must precise the ADP is currently used in a bigger system who currently consume an average of 2 mA during a day.

Thank you.