LTC4281 - EEPROM Programming through Microcontroller


We have implemented a circuit with LTC4281 for +3.3V raw power (from backplane) Controlling, monitoring, voltage/current sensing.

The chip will be soldered in our board without programming.

How to program the chip during first power on?

We have no option to connect the emulator DC1613-A.

In the datasheet "Detailed I2C Command Registers Description" section, B[2-7] (OV, UV, FB) of 0x01 control register default values set for external divider configuration.

Is this configuration alone sufficient for very first power on without internal EEPROM access.

Once the raw power is turned on (LTC4281 sequenced), then micro controller in our board will be powered.

Then shall we program EEPROM through Micro controller?


Santhana Krishnan