four quadrant energy metering


I have not enough experience with energy meters.

Usually I work with MCU and DSP.

End user have to have measure active, reactive power and four quadrant metering.

He gave me link for MAXQ3180 and told that it can measure four quadrant power.

I can not found enough information about this measuring.

Does ADE77xx can measure it?

Maybe I can calculate it from other values(active power, reactive power, phase etc.)

Can I use single ADE77xx circuit to measure 3 phase and 1 phase power?

When only 1 phase is connected to 3 phase circuit.

  • Hi hmani.

    Thank you for your reply.

    I already read many information.

    And understood that to make four quadrant it's neccesary to know active, reactive power and sign of them.

    It's enough to calculate cos phi and make full four quadrant diagramm.

    I alredy decide that ADE7878 will be used.

    Next issue of my developing it's power supply design and hall sensor connecting to ADE.

    I'll create new branch for discussion about that.

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Jul 11, 2012 8:09 PM

    Four quadrant metering is the ability to measure all four quadrants of the energy spectrum as illustrated in the diagram below:

    The ADE family of devices measure both positive and negative active energy.  Many of the devices also measure both positive and negative reactive energy, allowing all four quadrants to be recorded.  Most of our devices contain interrupts of status bits that show the polarity of the power.  For example in the ADE7953 the REVP and Sign indication features can be used to determine the polarity of the active and reactive power being accumulated at any time (see ADE7953 data sheet, “Indication of Power Direction” section).  This allows an external microcontroller to ‘bin’ the positive and negative energy separately when required. 

    Also, three phase energy metering ICs, such as the ADE7878 can be used in single phase applications without any issues.  The ADE7878 can be thought of as three single phase devices in one package.  When one or more channel is not being used it is recommended that the unused channels are grounded to prevent any noise entering the part.