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compensation for phase shift due to current sensors

How do I compensate for the phase shift of my current sensor?

  • The internal PHCAL register can be used in products like ADE7953, ADE5569, ADE7518, ADE5169, ADE7116, ADE7156, ADE7166, ADE7169, ADE7569, ADE7566, ADE7763, ADE7753 and ADE7759 to adjust the phase lead/lag. Adjusting the phase mismatch is a simple procedure of writing to the register. Refer to the data sheet of the respective product for details. If the compensation range is beyond that of the PHCAL register, a combination of both hardware and software phase adjustment can be used. For example, you can use the hardware method to roughly compensate the default phase mismatch and use the PHCAL register as a fine adjustment in production.

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