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Can any one provide the information about the ADE7878. That is, Can we use ADE7878 with the 400Hz frequency system or Any external circuits need to build up to use with 400Hz system?

What is meant by Mean Absolute Value?

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    We specify the ADE7878 for use at 50 or 60Hz and therefore it has not had extensive testing at such frequency as 400Hz. Although the part won't filter out a 400Hz line, it might not be able to monitor it with the precision guaranteed in the data sheet for a 50 or 60Hz line frequency. If i get some more information on your application then maybe I can help further. What is the voltage of this 400Hz line and what is your expected current?

    The Mean Absolute Value is a seperate calculation of the current, that can allow energy accumulation when the missing neutral is a tamper attack.

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    *Just to add on, the fundamental calculations will not work at 400Hz but the Total Energy and RMS calculations will function. Zero crossingings will not be detected either, therefore such features will have a limited functionality.

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  • Hi Dalth

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    Now I need to measure only 50/60Hz line. I am measuring 230V in phase A but display shows only 224V. How to calibrate this. Please explain the calculation of the same. Waiting for your reply..

  • Hi Sathis,

    Please refer to the two following discussions where I have responded to your questions:



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