Power Metering SoC


We are going to build a PCB with a custom ASIC on it and I'd like to measure it's (ASIC) power consumption during the operation

time. I know the easiest way would be just "connect Lab equipment to  your PCB the record whatever you wish", but I was thinking (for

the demonstration purposes) to have a dedicated IC on board,  which will sense current and provide the power consumption of the ASIC at the output.

Can you recommend any of your SoC for this purpuse?

On the webside I found some threads saying that it's possible to  use ADE energy meters measure DC, by disebling some HPFs,  however most of them are for AC and for high voltages. We will  have a DC device, which supply voltage can go down to 0V5 with 100s of mA currents.

Many thanks


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