ade7854 linux driver documentation

I have been able to get the Linux driver for the ADE7854 working, at least to the point of it creating a file structure under the /sys/bus/iio/ hierarchy. However, I seem to be getting lots of zeroes back when reading the various registers. I can see the SPI data going in and out of the part but have not connected an analyzer yet, so this could just be garbage. But I seem close here.

I have tried to write to the AIGAIN register as a test, but it still returns "0". I can see the data going out the SPI pins here as well. Can you please give me some idea as to how this driver is supposed to work so that I can start developing code to use it? This looks like a fairly well developed driver, it's a shame that there is no documentation for it available or even decent commenting in the code itself.



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