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[ADE7953] recommended Crystal part# or on EVM


I would like to know the 3.58MHz crystal part# that we recommended it for ADE7953.


If you don't have such a recommended parts#, I just would like to know which crystal on EVAL-ADE7953EBZ.

(UG-194 does't have any BOM list.)

Thank you for your help in advance.

Best regards,


  • Hi Sofy

    Yes. The BOM isn't separately listed on the user guide and the crystal part number is not printed in the schematic page as well. I will make a note to include this info in future revisions of the user guide.

    The "ECS-35-17-4" crystal is used in the eval board, with a frequency of 3.579545MHz. When choosing a crystal for use with ADE7953, please choose similar type of crystal by comparing drive level, load capacitance and ESR specs.



  • Hello, hmani-san,

    Thank you very much for your information. It is very helpful information for the customer who willing to use AED7953.

    I will tell to choose similar stability crystal on this EVM to the customer.

    Best regards,