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Range of ADE7978 with ADE7932


as far as i have understood from searching maximum post on energy meter forum and your product there are only few ics which measure harmonics distortion, one series is ADE7978 with ADE7932/ADE7933/ADE7923 and another is ADE7880. Is it correct

1- Can you please let me know the difference between these series except isolation?

2- I want to measure single phase 50Hz 90V-440V, 0.01A-10A AC with 0.5% accuracy, is it possible to do that if yes with what accuracy level? and with which series?

I know i need to  step down the voltage into desired range of IC input and need to use shunt / CT for current measurement.

3- at multiple location it is said the dynamic range of 500:1 or 1000:1. what does it mean exactly. say for example in my case, should i calculate the Dynamic range = 440V / 90V = 4.9 (in my case for voltage). or it will be

Dynamic range = (Vmax X 100) / (2 X accuracy x Vmin) = 500 (in my case for voltage).

4- Will it get total harmonic distortion of voltage and current separately or i will get harmonic distortion separately say upto 63? and in second case from where i will found it?

5- Is it possible to measure DC with high ripple with any of these IC?

6- why i can't use the shunt for measuring current with ADE7880?

Sorry, i know that i have put many question in single post, but it was just to save TAT.

Thanks in advance.

with regards,


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