I have ADE7880  and  i need to take voltage (rms value), current (rms value), power and power factor from ADE into the ARDUINO MEGA 2560.

I want to talk a little what i try to do. First i have asynchronous motor and i try to analyze this motor about its efficiency. So i need voltage ,current, power ,and power factor of this motor's input circuit and then take into  these values on MEGA 2560, after this, i will do some calculations with these values then i will show efficiency of motor momentarily on my pc with using c#.

So are there any codes for arduino to take these values from ADE7880?


Serhat Karaaslan

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  • Hi Serhat,

    Page 76 - 77 of the data sheet is a great resource for the I2C communication. For reading values of the ADE7880, you have the send the slave address then send the register address for the register you want to read. Then the ADE7880 will respond with the slave address and the value of the register in four 8-bit bytes. This is shown in Figure 104.

    Then for writing to a register to change settings or calibrate the ADE7880, you have to perform register writes. This is done by sending the slave address, then the 16-bit register address then the 32-bit register value you want to write. This is shown in Figure 103.

    This way you can read and write any register inside the ADE7880 in order to set it up and get information out.



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