Register to read chip references in ADE7880A / ADE7858A


I have a board working with ADE7880. 

Exists the possibility to mount other references like ADE7858A, ADE7878A,...

I want only one firmware version for all the references. I want to autodetect the chip reference mounted and change the way the readings are made.

What register can i use to read the reference?? 

I have seen Die Version register (0xE707) with value=1  for ADE7880A and value=2 for the ADE7858A, ADE7878A,... but that's not the adequate register.

What do you recommend?

Thank you

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    •  Analog Employees 
    on Apr 24, 2017 9:53 PM


    There is no particular register that can identify the chip as a ADE7880 or ADE7858A. The closest register you could use would be the version register because the version of the 7880 will be different from that of the 7858A as you saw, just be sure to use the latest version of these parts. The only other solution would be to go through the registers a find 1 that has a default value that is different between the 7880 and 7858A, this way at startup, the board would be able to identify the part with that register.