ADE7878 - Register Content when switching Power Modes

Hi Guys,

Am I correct in assuming that the kWh (AWATTHR, BWATTHR,... etc) registers loose there content when switching from PSM3 to PSM0?

Page 23 of the Data Sheet:

"If the ADE78xx is in one of PSM1, PSM2, or PSM3 modes and is switched into PSM0 mode, then all control registers take the default values with the exception of the threshold register, LPOILVL, which is used in PSM2 mode, and the CONFIG2 register, both of which maintain their values."

Why I am asking is that I derive from Table 12. Recommended Actions When Changing Power Modes page 25 of the Data Sheet the following when switching from PSM3 to PSM0:

"Wait until the IRQ1 pin is triggered low.
Poll the STATUS1 register until Bit 15 (RSTDONE) is set to 1."

It seems to me that a reset (RSTDONE) will occur causing the AD7878 to go back to its default mode. If so, do I need to reload all the calibration values, etc into the AD7878?

Thank you in advance for attending to my question?