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Good Day Sir,

I am working on a project that will require deployment of a number of energy metering ICs. I used ADE7953, Single Phase, Multifunction Metering IC for the first design.
It worked very well, using RS232 interface. while looking for Polyphase Metering IC, I came across ADE9000. I was impressed with its specifications; and I found out that it met all the requirements of the system being developed.
I interfaced the chip, ADE9000, to ATMEGA328P running at 10Mhz, 3.3V. I used the driver firmware (ADE90xx_drivers) downloaded from Analog Device site. Upon power up, all the registers were read and their default values were correct.
Write-Read operations to all the registers were successful.
Writing 0x01 to register RUN (located at address 0x480) started the measurements; however, after one or two samples, the sampling would stop and the measured current, voltage, power and energies (AIRMSONE, AVRMSONE, AIRMS1012, AVRMS1012, e.t.c) would retain the last measured value.
If the RUN register is cleared and set again, the chip would pick one or two samples and stop acquisition again.
STATUS1 register was constantly read; and it always consistently returned the following values: Immediately the acquisition stopped, the MSB of STATUS1 would read 0x54; and after few seconds it would read 0xD4. And it continued to return 0xD4 until the RUN register is cleared. or reset command is issued (both Soft and hard)
This implies the following error flags were being raised: ERROR3, ERROR2, ERROR1 and ERROR0.
The datasheet recommends resetting the chip when those errors occur (especially, ERROR3, ERROR1 and ERROR0), which I did, but the problem persists. I tried to check for similar issues on EngineerZone forum. I saw that someone has raised similar issue, but the advice given is the same you have in the datasheet.
Specifically, I would be very glad if the causes, effects and solutions to these errors are comprehensively explained.
I notice that the function(s) of CONFIG5 is not captured at all in the datasheet. Also, in the firmware supplied in ADE90xx_drivers there was reference to a register named PSM2_CFG at address 0x4B8; this register was not captured in any of the documentations provided on ADE9000.

All these omissions in the documentations are understandable considering the fact that ADE9000 is an advanced metering IC and it is relatively new.
It would be highly appreciated if detailed information and solutions about the errors are provided as soon as possible.

Oladosu, Jamiu.

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